Daily White™ Cleaning and Whitening Foam


  • 2-IN-1 PRODUCT – Not only can you use this foam to clean and sanitize your aligners and retainers, but you may also use this as a teeth whitening product. This foam cleans, whitens, and freshens your whole mouth for complete oral care.
  • EFFECTIVE CLEANER – Formulated for a thorough and effective removal of stain and prevention of cavities while keeping your mouth clean and safe. It also effectively removes residue and odor-causing bacteria from your teeth and aligners.
  • SAFE FORMULA – This cleaning and whitening foam is developed to ensure every user gets the best without worries. It’s blended to meet the highest health and safety standards, offering you a product that’s ideal for your oral care routine.
  • VEGAN AND CRUELTY-FREE – Daily White does not contain any animal-derived ingredients and are not tested on animals. Not only are you giving yourself the most effective teeth whitening treatment on the market, you are also helping the environment.
  • PROFESSIONAL SOLUTION – A powerful and innovative teeth whitening system from Beaming White that effectively removes years of stains and prevents cavity while keeping your teeth and gums white and healthy.

Daily White™ Cleans, Whitens, and Freshens Better than Toothpaste!

Daily White™ is a revolutionary new technology that removes stains and whitens teeth safely and rapidly using a one-step, dual action, cleaning + whitening micro-foaming formulation that dissolves particles and penetrates the enamel better than any toothpaste. Our clinically proven and Dentist recommended paste is perfect for daily use and can replace your whitening toothpaste. 2-4 month supply.