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Sonic-FX DUO

Colors: Black & White, Black, White


Colors: Black & Coral, Black, White

Great Product, Great Price!

“I am SO happy with this duo. Cleans very well without being too rough. I love the gum stimulation setting; my gums have become noticeably healthier. Great product! Highly recommend.”

Amazon Customer | February 24, 2021 | USA | Verified Amazon Purchase

Great Electric Toothbrush & Quality

“Best Sonic Care Single electric toothbrush. Take the insurance plan….”

Dutchess | April 21, 2021 | USA | Verified Amazon Purchase


“My second purchase of this. LOVE IT. Your mouth and teeth feel clean. Love the timer. Highly recommend.”

Lisa | Groupon Top Reviewer | March 23, 2021

sonic-fx sonic tooth brush regular brush head deep cleans with less pressure

Regular Brush head

You want to clean your teeth, not wear away your tooth enamel or abrade your gums. That’s why we chose soft bristles of varying lengths for gentle, thorough cleaning that won’t harm your enamel or gums. The bristles of our toothbrush heads are made of nylon for extra durability.

NOTE: Sonic-FX SOLO & DUO have 40,000 strokes per minute; Sonic-FX UV & USB have 33,000 strokes per minute.


sonic fx sonic toothbrush soft nylon bristles

Interdental Brush Head

The INTERDENTAL HEAD has a narrow, tapered head and provides an even deeper clean between your teeth and around braces, getting at hard to reach food particles. It also gently stimulates the gums, improving gum health.

NOTE: The INTERDENTAL HEAD is included with Sonic-FX DUO and Sonic-FX SOLO. It is also available separately in our SHOP.


Intelligent Timer Encourages Optimal Brushing Time

Dentists recommend brushing for two minutes at least twice a day, 30 seconds per quadrant. Our SMART TIMER notifies you when it is time to move to the next quadrant and shuts off after two minutes so you give your teeth the optimal brushing. With our WATER PROOF DESIGN, you can brush your teeth with Sonic-FX in the shower!


sonic fx sonic toothbrush soft nylon bristles
sonic fx sonic toothbrush soft nylon bristles

3 Brushing Modes for a Customized Cleaning Experience

Most of the time, brush your teeth as usual with the NORMAL mode setting. When you want to do some serious plaque removal, use SUPER mode setting. To massage your gums (highly recommended from time to time), switch into MASSAGE mode.

Twist & Lock Brush Head Replacement

Our “twist & lock” feature makes it quick and convenient to replace brush heads. Simply slide the brush head on and twist to lock in place. All Sonic-FX brush heads are interchangeable with every mode of Sonic-FX sonic toothbrushes.


sonic fx sonic toothbrush soft nylon bristles
young woman holding sonic fx sonic toothbrush

The Better Way to Brush

Sonic toothbrushes are signifcantly better than manual toothbrushes at removing plaque, reducing gingivitis, and improving tooth and gum health.
sonic fx sonic toothbrush soft nylon bristles

The Perfect Pairing

Keep the healthy teeth trend going with Daily White instead of toothpaste. Daily White dental foam cleans, whitens, and freshens better than toothpaste with micro-foaming action.

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