Sonic-FX™ Sonic Toothbrush

The Sonic-FX™ Sonic Toothbrush is a great way to ensure that your whole household will get a proper brushing in at least twice a day, as currently recommended by dentists.

Customers (and Their Dentists) LOVE Sonic-FX™

The following quotes are real, unsolicited reviews from actual customers.

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Intelligent Timer
Encourages optimal brushing time

Dentists recommend brushing for two minutes at least twice a day, 30 seconds per quadrant. Our timer notifies you when it is time to move to the next quadrant and shuts off after two minutes so you give your teeth the optimal brushing!

Unique Brush Heads
Provide thorough yet gentle cleaning

You want to clean your teeth, not wear away your tooth enamel or abrade your gums. That's why we chose soft bristles of varying lengths for gentle, thorough cleaning that won't harm your enamel or gums. The bristles of our toothbrush heads are made of nylon for extra durability. You get four colors so you know which toothbrush head belongs to whom.

UV Sanitizer
Safely cleans and stores brush heads

Sonic-FX™ comes with a UV sanitizer that kills germs that would otherwise live on your toothbrush. The UV sanitizer also serves as a convenient storage place for your brush heads. The sanitizer comes on automatically when you close the door and shuts off automatically once the sanitizing is complete.

Three speeds for different brushing needs

Most of the time, brush your teeth as usual with the Normal setting. When you want to do some serious plaque removal, use the Super setting. To massage your gums (highly recommended from time to time), switch into Massage mode.

Long-lasting charge, convenient for traveling

Sonic-FX™ is a rechargeable toothbrush - just set the brush handle on the stand (while unit is plugged in) and it will be charged and ready to go for the next person or next time. There are no batteries to replace and a charge lasts for days.