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What Makes
Sonic-FX So Special?

Our 40,000 strokes/minute sonic vibrations, and our proprietary brush head design, combine to give you a healthy mouth feeling like no other!

The soft nylon bristles have varying lengths: the long perimeter bristles clean between your teeth and gums; the shorter central bristles gently clean tooth surfaces.

Interdental Brush Included

The narrow, tapered bristles of our Interdental Brush Head provide additional gum stimulation and help to dislodge food particles and bacteria in those hard-to-reach spaces between teeth.

3 Brushing Modes for a Customized Experience

Most of the time, brush your teeth as usual with the NORMAL mode setting. When you want to do some serious plaque removal, use SUPER mode setting. To massage your gums (highly recommended from time to time), switch into MASSAGE mode..

Easy Twist-n-Lock Brush Head Replacement

Changing brush heads is a breeze with our easy “twist-n-lock” brush head replacement feature. Just slide the brush head onto the brush until it clicks, then twist and lock into place!

Intelligent Timer

Never leave your brushing time to guess work!

Our Smart Timer encourages optimal brushing time. Dentists recommend brushing for two full minutes, 30 Seconds per quadrant.

“It cleans really well and feels like your teeth have been cleaned by the dentist each time you use it.”

Amazon Customer | June 11, 2020 | Verified Amazon Purchase

“Bought this as a part of a BIG Mother’s Day surprise and she loved it. After testing it I fell in love with it myself. So, I’m going to order another one.”

RainSings | May 13, 2020 | Verified Amazon Purchase

“Really nice. Getting 2 brushes and so many replacement heads for the price is a great deal.”

MommaVirgo | March 7, 2021 | Verified Amazon Purchase

“My husband and I both like this toothbrush. It left my mouth feeling nice and clean even after eating and drinking all day.”

Liz | February 12, 2021 | Verified Amazon Purchase

“Great brush! My teeth have never been cleaner. The 3 modes are perfect. My coffee and tea used to leave a film on my teeth but since I’ve started using this brush my teeth feel fantastically clean all day and my breath is fresher too. My whole family uses this and everyone’s oral hygiene has improved. My kids don’t have that terrible morning breath anymore.”

PuttingGod1st | May 8, 2021 | Verified Amazon Purchase

“This toothbrush set is amazing!! It was easy to set up, comes with all necessary attachments, and provides such a better clean than a manual toothbrush!! Plus, it’s a cool looking set!!”

DRA | February 14, 2021 | Verified Amazon Purchase

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